January 22-24, 1935

Horse and wagon at Times Square (New York City). Snowfall amounts included: Baltimore: 11.5"; Bridgeport: 11.5"; New York City: 17.5"; Newark, NJ: 10.0"; and, Philadelphia: 16.7"

Source: UPI/Bettmann in Kevin Ambrose, Great Blizzards of New York City, Merrifield, Virginia: Historical Enterprises, 1994, p.44.
Socialites enjoy winter. These two prominent members of Washington's social set enjoy the clear, cold aftermath of the blizzard which left the streets covered with nearly a foot of snow. Miss Evelyn Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walker, is wearing the Russian-type hat. Her companion is Mrs. Eppes Hawes Preston, daughter of Former Senator and Mrs. Harry B. Hawes (Washington, DC)

Source: Library of Congress