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February 5-7, 1978

Blizzard of February 1978. Columbus Park (Stamford, Connecticut)

Copyright The Stamford Historical Society

Blizzard of February 1978. Belltown Road at Pershing Avenue. Before the snow plow came (Stamford, Connecticut)

Copyright The Stamford Historical Society
Route 128 (Massachusetts)

Source: National Weather Service (Taunton, Massachusetts)
Route 128 (Canton, Massachusetts)

Source: National Weather Service (Taunton, Massachusetts)
Blizzard of February 1978. Mt. Hunger Road (Barnard, Vermont). A wind gust of 79 mph was recorded in Boston and a 93 mph wind gust occurred in Chatham. Snowfall amounts included: Baltimore: 9.1"; Bedford, MA: 29.0"; Boston: 27.1"; Hartford: 16.9"; Hyannis, MA: 14.0"; New York City: 17.7"; Newark, NJ: 19.0"; Philadelphia: 14.1"; Providence: 28.6"; Rockport, MA: 32.5"; Washington, DC: 2.2"; Woonsocket, RI: 38.0"; and, Worcester: 20.2"

A special thanks to Greg Carbin for the above photo

News account:

A fierce blizzard -- whipped by hurricane-force winds and accompanied by raging ocean tides -- paralyzed the Northeast yesterday [February 7] from coastal New York to Maine before moving out into the North Atlantic...

Along route 128, which courses from Boston's South Shore to the New Hampshire state line, more than 2,000 motorists became stranded in what ultimately became a three-lane parking lot.

As stinging winds continuously shaped a landscape of new snowdrifts, caravans of heavy snowplows, police cars and chartered buses battled their way to reach the snowbound motorists.

Source: William Claiborne, "Storm Cripples Northeast," The Washington Post, February 8, 1978.
Holliston, Massachusetts

A special thanks to Elizabeth Moody for the above photo
Buried cars (North Providence, Rhode Island)
Providence, Rhode Island

A special thanks to Tony N. Ricci for the above two photos