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Current Analysis:
Current Conditions: U.S. and World Cities (NOAA)
Current Day Global Temperatures and Anomalies (NOAA)
Near Real-Time Global Sea Surface Temperatures and Anomalies (SSTs and SSTs) (NOAA)
Hourly Mesoscale Analysis (SPC)
Precipitation Identified Near the Ground (NOAA)
Radar Products (National Weather Service)
GOES-12 Satellite Images
Winds (

Computer Guidance/Teleconnections:
Short-Range Tools and Medium-Range Tools (CPC) ***
Day 8 Objective Analogs: Models and Ensembles
Objective Analogs (6-10-Day): 0z GFS, 6z GFS, 12z GFS, and 18z GFS
Objective Analogs (8-14-Day): 0z GFS, 6z GFS, 12z GFS, and 18z GFS
Winter Weather Analog Guidance (CIPS)
Weather Gallery (SUNY-Stony Brook)
Current Meteorology Products (Air Resources Lab) *** Beta Site ***
HYSPLIT Trajectory Model (Air Resources Lab)
RUC Soundings and Sounding Plots with Table *** (ESRL/GSD)
Ensemble Guidance and Experimental Ensembles
Canadian Ensemble Forecasts
Day 8 and Week 2 Forecasts (Climate Prediction Center)
NCEP/EMC Cyclogenesis Tracking Maps
Canadian Models (Environment Canada) ***
Canadian Models (Meteocentre)
Canadian Models: Animated Precipitation Type Forecast (Environment Canada)
European: Operational Model and Ensembles (ECMWF)
Precipitation Type/Amount (
eWall of Models and Ensembles and 0z Ensembles and 12z Ensembles (Penn State University) ***
eWall High-Resolution Models and 4 km NAM (Penn State University)
PSC Contoured Weather Maps *** and Make Your Own Charts *** (Plymouth State College)
HREF Ensemble System (SPC)
NAM Winter Forecasts (Unisys)
FIM Global Model - Experimental (NOAA/ESRL)
Model Extraction Text Page (
Models ( -- includes ECMWF ensembles
NCEP Model Analysis and Forecasts *** and Run-to-Run Comparisons and Parallel Runs
Storm Prediction Center's 4km WRF: 0z and 12z (for mesoscale features e.g. banding) ***
Weather.US (Models, including high-resolution ECMWF images)
Global Temperature and Temperature Anomaly Forecasts (Climate Reanalyzer)
Meteogram Generator (Iowa State University) **Snowfall Algorithms**
MOS Output (National Weather Service)
MOS Output (Ohio State University Site)
Long Range Forecasts: CFSv2 (NCEP), CAS (CPC), and European   (ECMWF) and Japanese
(Monthly and Seasonal) and Multiple Models (CPC), and Constructed Analog Method (CPC)
ENSO Forecasts (IRI Columbia)
ENSO Maps and Resources (Climate Prediction Center)
Model Biases (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center)
Teleconnection Indices/Forecasts (CPC) and Daily Ensemble Forecasts (CDC)
Daily Indices (
Recent Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) Values (The Long Paddock)
Global Windfield Mode (CDC)
Soundings and Moisture Products (GOES)
Stratosphere (FU Berlin)
AAM Forecasts (University of Albany)
MJO Products (CPC)
Lifted Index Forecast (NOAA)
Omega (

Bufkit Profiles:
Penn State University

Soil Moisture Anomalies:
As of the most recent day (CPC)
Over the past 12 months (CPC)

Solar/Space Weather:
Solar Geophysical Data (Space Environment Center)
Space Weather Current Conditions (
Space Weather Current Conditions and Forecasts (Space Weather Prediction Center)

Tide Forecasts: