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Weather Resources Index

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Resources for Researching Past Weather

Sources of Information:
1. Past newspapers (copies, microfilm, microfiche, and digitized electronic copies). Can be found
   in most libraries. Library of Congress (1880-1922); Monthly Weather Review (1870-1973).
2. Weather websites (free and subscription-based)
3. The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and COOP sites (NCDC). Contains data for a large number of sites.

NCDC's Historical Significant Events Imagery (1960-Present)
NCDC's State of the Climate Reports (1998-Present)
NCDC's Snow and Ice Data

4. Utah Climate Center. Temperature and precipitation data for a large number of U.S. cities e.g.,
   New York City's data for Central Park goes back as far as 1876.

5. cli-MATE (Midwestern Regional Climate Center) -- Can register for free access to data *** and
   Northeast Regional Climate Center and Southeast Regional Climate Center and ACIS (additional
   links available under "Announcements")

6. xmACIS2. Allows one to look up data for a large number of U.S. cities.

7. Threaded Station Extremes. Extreme temperatures for a large number of U.S. cities.

8. Environment Canada. Daily data for a large number of stations in Canada.

9. The Regional Snowfall Index (RSI). List of major snowstorms. List of major Northeast snowstorms.

10. U.S. Records Look-Up (NOAA)

11. Raw Data Archive (Includes Bufkit data) from Iowa State University

12. Model Archive: GFS and NAM (

13. Global Temperatures (Goddard Institute for Space Studies)

Select Weather Websites:
Daily Precipitation Analysis (CPC)
Daily Temperature Analysis (CPC)
Drought Monitoring (CPC). Soil moisture data (1998-Present) is on the main CPC page.
U.S. Climate at a Glance (NCDC). Contains monthly mean temperature and precipitation data from
1900 to the present.

Albany: Seasonal Snowfall (1884-85 to Present) and Past Weather Page
Baltimore/Washington D.C. and Past Weather Page
Bangor/Caribou Past Weather Page and Past Daily Data
Boston NWS PNS Reports (2008-Present)
Bridgeport, New York City, and Newark and Past Weather Page
Buffalo/Rochester. Contains data from 1940-Present
Burlington: Seasonal Snowfall (1906-07 to Present), Climate Resources, and Past Weather Page
Concord, NH/Portland, ME and Past Weather Page
Concord, NH Snowfall (1928-29 through 2001-02)
Hartford Snowfall (1904-05 through 2000-01)
New York City Snowfall (1869-70 to Present)
New York City Area PNS Reports (2010-present)
Pennsylvania Data (Pennsylvania State Climatologist)
Philadelphia Snowfall (1884-85 through 2000-01) and 1979-80 through Present
Philadelphia Data: Franklin Institute: 1872-2001 and 1993-Present
Providence Snowfall (1904-05 through 2001-02)
Worcester Snowfall (1892-93 through 2000-01)
Various Mid-Atlantic and New England Cities (National Weather Service, Taunton)